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Walking Services
In-Home Training

                                         Does your pet’s behavior leave you with more questions than answers? 

Through the utilization of veterinary and behavioral knowledge and experience, Andrea will assist you in establishing a starting point for your pet’s needs and your desires to promote behavioral changes.  If the conversation findings determine it’s appropriate to begin services with For Keeps Pet Training, the Behavior Triage Consultation fee will be applied to the "Initial Consultation’s" expense.  If the conversation results demonstrate the starting place to begin elsewhere (I.E. primary veterinarian, Veterinary Behaviorist, another positive reinforcement trainer specializing in your training and behavioral goals, etc.), the appropriate referrals and information will be provided. 

Behavior Triage Consultation Fee: $30.00 

(Amount is applied to the "Initial Consultation" fee if continuing services with For Keeps Pet Training.  If not continuing services with For Keeps Pet Training, the fee is retained as payment for the Behavior Triage Consultation.)   

Behavior Triage Consultation appointments are 25 minutes in length.

Appointments are booked through Square Scheduling using the below link.

Upon successful scheduling, you will receive an appointment confirmation and Zoom link to access your scheduled appointment. 

Andrea understands the multiple reasons that behavioral and training concerns aren’t able to be fully addressed within your pet’s primary veterinary visits or within a group training class setting.  Andrea understands the frustration and feelings of helplessness that pet owners often experience when it feels like they are left alone to manage their pet’s anxiety, fear, or their demonstration of undesired behaviors. Whether you're seeking basic life skills or advanced behavior modification training for your pet, Andrea stands ready to assist you. 

Andrea operates within a “full circle” approach to thoroughly obtain your pet’s medical and behavioral history, understanding your concerns, providing body language education specific to your pet’s species, offering recommendations, working with you to identify the behavior goals for you and your pet, create environmental management and training plans specific to your lifestyle and your pet’s needs, as well as effectively communicating with your pet’s veterinary care team in advocacy for you and your pet’s needs.  Andrea’s knowledge and experience positions her to better assist pet owners by offering them her full support in whichever path they identify to be the best option for themselves.  Andrea acknowledges that each individual’s situation is specific to them and therefore can range in complexity.  She is committed to providing pet owners with a safe opportunity to fully express their concerns, their needs, and their desires, while remaining kind in her nature, respectful in her communications, and supportive within an advocacy role.   ​

The initial 90 minute consultation is utilized by Andrea to answer any questions you may have related to your pet's behavior and to gain the information needed to determine how to best assist you and advocate for you and your pet's individual needs. 


This can include any one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Establish an environmental management and training plan with herself

  • Referral to a Veterinary Behaviorist

  • Referral to veterinarians who have a special interest in behavior patients but are not board certified Veterinary Behaviorists.

  • Collaboration with your primary veterinary care team to support your pet's medical, behavioral, and training needs. 

  • Refer to other trusted and reliable positive reinforcement trainers who specialize in the targeted area of your goals. 


Within the consultation, Andrea will focus on the education of your pet's (species specific) body language to empower you to recognize, understand, and interpret it within different environments and contexts so you can better support your pet and become their strongest advocate.  She will also provide direction for environmental management strategies specific to your home's layout and location to aid in decreasing your pet's exposure to their fear, anxiety, or stress inducing triggers.  

The Initial Consultation fee is $225.00.


It includes:

  • Full review of your pet's documented medical, behavioral, and training history with notes compiled in preparation for the consultation. (Please note: It is the pet owner's responsibility to contact their pet's care team and request their records are sent to

  • Two clickers with wrist coils. 

  • A folder containing initial educational materials.

  • Supplies to aid you in your first "homework" lesson. 

  • Three written after visit plans (Environmental Management Goals, Owner Goals, and Pet Goals).

  • Travel time: If electing an in-home visit within 20 minutes (one way) of For Keeps Pet Training's location within New Prague, Minnesota. 


If an in-home consultation is desired and the travel time is greater than 20 minutes one way, additional travel time fees will apply. 

  • Consultations can be conducted virtually via Zoom and may be indicated under these conditions: 

    • Based on the behaviors being demonstrated by the pet.

    • The client lives in an area that travel time would be in excess of 20 minutes when traveling one way.

    • The pet is not up to date on their Rabies vaccination and is need of developing a training and care plan in order to participate in a successful veterinary examination and vaccination visit.  

Training Sessions: 

  • Requires Initial Consultation be performed prior to scheduling.

  • Frequency and the number of sessions will vary based on each pet/handler team's needs and goals for behavior change. 

  • Scheduled in 1 hour increments.

  • Fee is $150.00/hour

  • Will receive updated after visit written training plans to reflect:

    • Progress being made with existing goals

    • Advancing existing goals

    • Creating additional goals as desired by the pet owner or deemed appropriate by the members within the pet's care team. 

Standard walks are 30 minutes in length and take place within your dog's daily geographic location.  The first and last five minutes of each appointment are dedicated to retrieving the dog from the home, leashing, returning the dog to the home and providing food or water as directed by the pet owner.


Difference from other dog walkers:

  • Andrea is a Certified Veterinary Technician with 16+ years of experience in the veterinary field 

  • Andrea is a certified KPA trainer who will provide training while providing walking services

  • Use of a Fi GPS collar on each walking client

  • Use of double contact leashing 


Appointments are booked through Square Scheduling using link above.  

Does your dog enjoy or need a less stressful environment away from other people, pets, or their regular stressors?  

Your dog will travel from their regular daily geographic location to walk, explore, and receive training.  Each session will range from 45-60 minutes in length to allow for travel with 30 minutes of that time dedicated to walking, exploring, and training.  


Difference from other dog walkers:

  • Andrea is a certified KPA trainer who will provide training while providing walking services

  • Use of a Fi GPS collar on each walking client

  • Use of double contact leashing 


Common Areas of Focus:




Appointments are booked through Square Scheduling using link above.  

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