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Playing for Keeps

For Keeps Pet Training strives to prevent animal behavior related situations where rehoming or euthanasia of a beloved pet becomes a decision pet owners need to contemplate. For Keeps Pet Training solely utilizes humane and science-based methods involving clicker training and positive reinforcement.

"That one is a keeper!"

At For Keeps Pet Training, Andrea understands the multiple reasons that behavioral and training concerns aren’t able to be fully addressed within your pet’s primary veterinary visit or within a group training class setting.  Andrea also understands the heartache, frustration, sadness, and the feelings of helplessness and loneliness that pet owners often experience when it appears as though they are left to their own devices in managing their pet’s fear, anxiety, stress, or their demonstration of undesired behaviors.  At For Keeps Pet Training, Andrea works to ensure that pet owners no longer feel isolated by offering them and their pet the necessary support to live their best lives.

Whether pet owners are seeking early intervention through learning about basic life skills and starting their pet's behavioral health journey off on the right paw, advanced behavior modification, cooperative veterinary care, safe handling, or husbandry training for their pet, Andrea possesses the knowledge and skill set necessary to assist them with establishing and accomplishing their goals. 

Andrea acknowledges that each individual pet owner and individual pet's situation is unique to them, and their needs can range in complexity.  Therefore, she works to ensure she educates her clients in all of their options and then offers them her full support in whichever behavioral and training path they identify to be the best option for themselves.  Andrea is committed to providing pet owners with a safe opportunity to fully express their concerns, their needs, and their desires, while remaining kind in her nature, respectful in her communications, and supportive within an advocacy role.  Andrea recognizes the emotional distress pet owners often experience in their day to day lives when it's apparent their pet isn't coping well or is demonstrating undesired behaviors.  She also understands how these factors can negatively impact the human-animal bond while also posing threat to the pet owner's finances, personal relationships, and an overall decrease in each individual's quality of life.  Because Andrea understands the magnitude of human emotion that often accompanies pet owners who are seeking her services, she respects their privacy and maintains confidentiality.


Why is For Keeps Pet Training a good fit for your pet's behavioral health and training needs?

Andrea is a well educated and trustworthy resource among veterinary professionals, positive reinforcement trainers, and pet owners. She is knowledgeable and experienced in providing an array of professional services for dogs and cats.​​

The emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of pet owners and their pets are priority.    

Fear, intimidation, coercion, and pain do NOT play a role in any of Andrea's interactions or training plans. 

Pet owners will no longer be, or feel as though they are alone.  Andrea becomes just as invested in the pet's behavioral health journey as the pet owner.  She strives to ensure pet owners are receiving up to date and accurate information so they can make the best decisions possible for their family.  Andrea encourages and supports a full circle approach to the pet's behavioral health journey through partnering with pet owners and the members of the pet's care team. 

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